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How to visit Maker’s Mark distillery & Introducing 3 selections of elegant bottles【whisky】

This article is introducing Maker’s mark distillery!
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Hi, I’m Shinno(@whisky_Ninja).
This time, we are closing in on the attractions behind the Maker’s Mark distillery.

The bottle which is sealed with red wax is familiar to us.
The taste is smooth, so everyone can enjoy drinking Maker’s Mark.
This whisky is good to make sweets with it as well.

Vanilla ice cream with whisky is delicious. I love it!

Summary of Maker’s Mark distillery

Maker’s Mark distillery is located at the southern end of Kentucky, America.
A previous incarnation is Samuels distillery which is established by Samuels family who were emigrants from Scotland in 1840.

Williams, who is the fourth descendant, built the distillery at the present site in 1953.
By reading many books, someone may have an image of “a family-run scanty distillery”, but that has now become a story of long ago.

The distillery is enormous, and the visitor center is stylish appearance, and there are many tourists.

I went to Marker’s Mark distillery by a car.

The distillery was in the country side.
There were no building. It is just narrow road.
While on the road, I was afraid lest I should get lost.

Sightseeing around the distillery

Let’s see the distillery!

The design of building is so stylish.
The color is unified, only red and black. So cool.
The scenery around is just like a spacious park.

When I inspected the distillery, I couldn’t observe the making of whisky due to  the maintenance of the facilities of distillation, but I could see the tub of fermentation.

Not stainless steel tanks but wooden tubs were used at this distillery.

According to what I heard, they use the wooden tubs while repairing them.
It is said that yeast live in wooden tubs and promote the fermentation of the materials.

I wonder if clean stainless steel tank is better, or conventional wooden tub is better? It is an interesting question.
Incidentally, there is no possibility of contamination in final products.

Subsequently, let’s see bottling process.
As in the below picture, bottling process is mechanized.
This differs greatly from the Buffalo Trace distillery.

Red is used in this room also.
This distillery is so fashionable.

Last is warehouse.
I like atmosphere of warehouse.

There was ceiling  made of stained glass for observers.
Both appearance and interior are thoroughly stylish.
This is a branding scheme.

When I was in Japan, I had a scanty image of this distillery.
But now the image has changed completely.

A selection of 3 Maker’s Mark distillery’s whisky

Maker’s Mark brands whisky are made from wheat, not rye.
It is a feature of Maker’s Mark brands whisky.
The blending ratio of corn is 70%, wheat is 16%, and barley is 14%.

Much wheat tend to make whisky mild.
The smooth taste comes from this feature.

On the other hand, the whisky derived from rye have spicy and biting taste.

Additionally, utilizing the quality of whisky, they enlarge the width of their whisky’s taste.
Maker’s Mark distillery is ambitious.

Maker’s Mark 45°

This is a standard type of Maker’s Mark whisky.
Don’t despise “standard”!
This is the whisky that you can fully enjoy its flavor like maple syrup and mild taste.

Even if you don’t like the bitter taste of whisky, you can drink highball made of this whisky.

I like to drink this whisky and soda while eating.
And also I like to drink this whisky straight after meals.

Vanilla ice cream with whisky is  also delicious.
It is like maple syrup version of rum raisin ice cream.
To tell the truth, this whisky decreases at a smacking pace for desserts.

I like vanilla ice cream with whisky too.

Maker’s Mark 46

This whisky is made in the barrel with ten planks called “inner stave” as in the below picture.
So the flavor of this whisky is barrel baced.

The vanilla flavor of 46 is increased by inner staves.
Because the unblended whisky is smooth taste, I got the impression that this whisky is a flavor of full-bodied matured alcohol.

Because of the mild taste, this whisky is not bourbonlike bourbon.
But I got the impression that the taste is good.
Though I like the bourbon with punching effect, I drink this whisky frequently.
Before I know it, this whisky decreases.
If you are into bourbon, please try this.

For your information, there is “private select” as the successor model of 46.
This whisky is made with selected 10 inner staves from 5 varieties of inner staves.

When I visited this distillery three years ago, this whisky was sold only at this distillery.
But now Amazon also sells this whisky.

Like the American corporation that Amazon is, Amazon sells limited edition of bourbon sometimes in Amazon.JP.
I was surprised that they sell “private select” also.

By the way, I think taste depends on lot.
It tastes good basically, but the price of the bottle is a little bit expensive for me.

I have not drunk the version of Amazon, I can’t say anything about its taste.
If you consider to purchase this whisky, you should drink it in a bar first of all.

Do you recommend whisky which is neither good nor bad?

I bought all four types of the limited sale whisky at this time.
But I don’t open them.
I can’t drink them because I want to keep them.

Maker’s Mark Cask strength

This whisky is not added water, and sold as it is.
The alcohol content is more than 50%.
It depends on the batch.
You can enjoy the alcoholic feeling and aftertaste that are imaginable from standard Maker’s Mark whisky.

The taste differs among the batches, so there is the fun of buying and drinking it.

The price is expensive, but this whisky is Cask strength , so the taste must be good.

I bought a bottle of this whisky at Maker’s Mark distillery.
This whisky was not in distribution at the time.

Because the alcohol content is 50%, you can enjoy the alcoholic feeling and the aftertaste like maple syrup and vanilla.
It is absolutely wonderful.
This characteristic is one and only.

“If Shinno did not drink whisky, he could buy a mustang…maybe.”
座右の銘は「冗談のなかに真実あり。真実のなかに偽りあり。」 あなたに新たな発見や楽しい時間を過ごすという価値を届けます。