Whisky and JP info

The best combination of dinner and whisky cactail in Japan.

This article is about the popular whisky cocktail with dinner combination in Japan.
If you have a plan to go sightseeing or business trip to Japan, I recommend you to read this information.

While writing this article, my appetite was stimulated.
I became hungry…

What is the popular whisky cocktail in Japan?

First of all, I will introduce popular whisky cocktail in Japan.
Have you ever drank cocktail the name of which is ‘highball’ ?

It is one of the most famous whisky cocktail in Japan.

I think it is not so famous in other countries. When I ordered “higball” in Belgium, it was not understood by a bartender… Of Course ,it depends on the country or bartender. 


The recipe is very easy.
Whisky and soda, sometimes a slice of lemon is added.



According to Japanese Manga ”Bartender” which is written by Araki Jo(城アラキ) mentioned that the balance is very difficult in the story.

The key point of good highball needs a good balance of whisky and soda.
The highball should be not too dry or too light.
The ratio of whisky to soda depends on the brand of whisky. 

I think Japanese are picky about what they eat or drink…

Why Japanese like ‘Highball’?

In my opinion, Japanese loves to drink alcohol with food. Especially, with dinner.

We like Sake, shochu. It is as same as Beer, wine.
We like drinking Sake at dinner.

However,  Japanese culture doesn’t have ‘Digestif’.
For example, whisky, brandy, Grappa etc.

Generally speaking, whisky as digestif doesn’t fit Japanese culture although it depends on the person.

Japanese whisky company was struggling to sell whisky in Japan.
One of the answers was the promotion of ‘highball’ because it goes well with dinner as same as beer.

Finally, ‘highball’ was accepted widely by Japanese people.

I imagine that this unique style of whisky cocktail grew tastes of Japanese whisky up.

Japanese whisky, especially not high price whisky is considered to taste of ‘highball’.
For example, non-aged “Taketsuru”, “Yamazaki”, “Hakushu”.

Although those whisky became ‘highball‘, the flavor can keep strong.

Would you like to drink highball? Good.
In the next section, I will recommend Japanese foods and highball combination.

I also became hangry…


Did you know yakitori which is grilled chiken.
It is a famous food in Japan.
Especially, It is a good combination with “highball”.



Yakitori is one of my favorite food.
It is not so expensive. Taste is salt or soy sauce.

When I eat Yakitori, I would like to drink highball of ‘Yamazaki’.
Yamazaki is a sweet flavor.

Anyway, highball can refresh your tongue.
You can prepare to eat nest Yakitori.
I love this combination.


I think I don’t need to explain it.
Japanese love Sushi. Sushi is cheaper than in other countries in Japan.



Sushi is a kind of seafood and it is light taste.
In this case, I drink highball of ‘Hakusyu’.
It is a lighter taste than another Japanese whisky.

Especially, I can feel a little bit of mint flavor.
I think It goes well with fish.


Sukiyaki may not be famous in the world.
I can see Sushi restaurants in the world, but I have never seen Sukiyaki restaurants.

However, it is one of the traditional foods in Japan.

I hope to explain briefly.
This is a pot of beef. Base taste is sweet soy sauce.
It is including Tofu, Shiitake mushroom, Shirataki which is kinds of noodle.
Normally it is shared with more than 2 people.

Normally, we use Japanese beef(Wagyu) for it.
Fatty meat is the key point of this pot. So, it has very rich flavor.



If you like soy sauce taste, I think it is a very good choice.
Especially, if you come to Japan as business travel, I recommend you to request Sukiyaki.

According to Japanese culture, Japanese takes you to a very traditional Sukiyaki restaurant if dinner is formal.

You should be quiet, Shinno.
You may be scolded by Japanese…

When I eat Sukiyaki, I would like to drink ‘Taketsuru’.
Sukiyaki is rich and a little bit fatty especially high-quality one.

The taste of Taketsuru can refresh your tongue perfectly and you can not stop eating Sukiyaki.
I really love this combination.


I recommend following combinations in Japan.

1.Yakitori + highball of Yamazaki
2.Sushi    + highball of Hakusyu
3.Sukiyaki + highball of Taketsuru

After eating dinner, you could visit Japanese bar.
You can enjoy Japanese whisky without water or ice at the bar as well.

Well,,,, what whisky of cocktail would you like to drink today?

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