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Secret stories about Japanese whisky : Fujigotenba Distillery

Did you know Mt. Fuji in Japan?
I think your answer may be “Yes” because it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



After it was registered UNESCO World Heritage Site, many tourists came to climb Mt. Fuji.

 Did you know whisky distillery which exists near the Mt.Fuji?


I think almost answer is “No”.
However,  I think almost Japanese also doesn’t know it.
It is not so famous.

There is Fujigotenba Distillery near the Mt.fuji which is owned by Kirin.


(A quote from Wikipedia)


Kirin is the third biggest beverage company in Japan.
By the way, Suntory is the biggest beverage company in Japan.
Asahi is the second biggest.
Suntory has Yamazaki distillery and Hakushu distillery.
Asahi is the owner of Nikka whisky.

This fact may indicate whisky is special alcohol.
In the 1960s, Johny walker black was very famous souvenir in Japan.
This story was written in the manga of “Sazae san”.
Oh, is it true?
This anime is still broadcasting on Sunday evening.

When people see this anime, some people get depressed to feel of Monday’s working. We call it  “Syndrome of Sazae san”. 
I don’t want to finish the Sunday… But I think it is a different story from this article. Shinno-san!
You need to talk about Japanese whisky culture.
Otherwise, everyone will move to another page.

 Foundation story is very unique.

Kirin built a business relationship with “Seagram”(at this ear, America) and “Chivas brothers”(UK) to establish Fujigotenba Distillery in 1972.

It meant, Fujigotenba whisky distillery inherited the DNA of American whisky and Scotch whisky.

They have distilled pots which are not only scotch type but also bourbon type.
They can distill the new pot for bourbon.
It is a very unique factor to make a unique taste.

This distillery’s history is newer than other distillers.
However, the character is interesting.
In the next chapter, I would like to introduce their products.
Kirin also sells “Fuji no oishimizu”(富士のおいしい水) in Japan.
It is very common natural water in Japan.
We can buy it at various stores.
It is as same as mother water of their whisky.
We can make perfect whisky with water…But this fact is not so famous in Japan.


 Let me introduce Fujisanroku alc 50%(富士山麓)

The following photo is a bottle of “Fujisanroku” which is their product in Japan.
It is very common product.

However, I got sad news on the internet.

This bottle is no longer available since March 2019 due to a whisky shortage.


(A quote from Wikipedia)


I was shocked to see this news.
This whisky is excellent although it was very cheap(around 1bottle/12euro) in Japan.
Japanese learned the taste of this whisky through the recent  whisky boom. 

 Tasting note

This whisky philosophy is for customized Japanese culture.
It meant this bottle is suitable for highball(whisky with sparkling water) or water or hot water.
Japanese like drinking whisky in such ways with dinner.

These ways of drinking whisky was influenced by “Shochu”(焼酎) which is one of the traditional distilled Sake in Japan.

This is the reason why the alcohol content of this whisky is 50%.
Also, we can feel strong wood flavor.
This DNA was passed on from the bourbon whisky.
Especially they have pot as same as bourbon distillery.

For the above reason, the whisky will not lose its character if water will be added to.

The first fragrance is wood, maple and honey.
It may be make you imagine the fragrance of bourbon whisky.
It is not a typical Japanese whisky.
It means it is not Mizunara wood.

The taste is powerful and strong like biting the tongue.
these are because of 50% alcohol.

With water, the balance becomes better.
In the summer, I love this whisky with sparking water.
Sparkling water is a little bit bitter, but this whisky adds a sweet flavor.
And it can be calm down the alcohol.

In the winter I drink it with hot water.
I understand it is not a normal way.
However, Fragrance becomes more rich and sweet but the taste is not sweet.
I like spiced mulled wine in the winter.
However, this whisky with hot water is more healthy because it is without sugar.


Frankly speaking, I think this whisky is not good for straight.
This whisky’s value should be evaluated with water.
It is a special one. I can recommend the souvenir in Japan.
Unfortunately, its supply was terminated… so if you can see it in Japan, you are so lucky.
I think Japanese whisky culture was reanimated perfectly but one of the generations was ended due to disappearing this bottle…


You are exaggerating, Shinno-san….
座右の銘は「冗談のなかに真実あり。真実のなかに偽りあり。」 あなたに新たな発見や楽しい時間を過ごすという価値を届けます。